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I meet Davis outside the men's restroom English Building basement. Online rumor place to hook up with other gay male students. I had zero idea what I was really doing because I had never done it before. Davis was starting to pick up on that fact.

I am a transferring Junior in Engineering. A cowboy named Billy from Oklahoma. That has had a very sheltered life at a Christian University paid in full by my parents. An opportunity that ended when I finally told them I liked boys not girls when I moved back home last Summer.

Davis is a Sophomore in Accounting. Twenty years old and a local boy, that sells himself to older facially and staff occasionally. Locals that know where to go to get what they want. His preference is another student and long term relationship. What I thought might be an hour naked together thanks and goodbye. Turned into over night.

It was the Davis school of how to have gay sex with an hour of conversation between steps. It was all just like I pictured. We laughed so much, then moments got so intense. We showered together, got dressed and went to a cafe for breakfast. We stopped by his house and I met his mom. She was awesome and referred to me as Davis's new boyfriend. He put on some clean clothes and put some and a toothbrush in a backpack to take to my place.

He never left, yet he never moved in either. I was perfectly fine with the arrangement. Davis would still turn a trick or two for cash occasionally. We had made a few gay friends on campus and were living as a couple. It was us forever. Davis's mom and dad were in a car accident. His dad died and we moved in the house to help take care of his mom after that. She passed after seeing Davis graduate.

I have loved one man all my life. He is the only person I ever had sex with. He was my first and taught me everything. Which made him perfect. and me perfect for him. He was my last and I do need or want anyone else. Fifty years with the man in the above picture. Taken while freaking out because he was my first time with a guy.

Davis - Yo Bro. what are you looking for?

Billy - It says on the internet gays guys hook up here. Do you know about that?

Davis - Yeah you're in the right place. I live with my parents you got a place we can go to?

You don't look like the quick sex in a public restroom type.

Billy - my apartments on the other side of the Quad about four blocks.

Davis - Sweet. So where is that accent from?

Best day ever and it only got better for the next fifty plus.

University Local - Story Time Blog


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