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The Picture in Your Head

Story Time Blog -

I was a second year student in college with a problem. I was using alcohol to help solve it. It was the summer between semesters and my parents are paying a condo mortgage to keep me here all year. That was their way of dealing with it.

Mark was X military and worked as a cop and owner of the condo next door. He has come to my aid three times before. Once due to my water heater leaking, and getting my key in the key hole for being too drunk twice.

This was the first time he picked me up from the gutter. Turning into the driveway I hit the curb. My motorcycle slides out from under me on wet payment to the center of the street. As i go splat by the curb. I was pretty sure Mark was naked and threw on some shorts to come help. He made sure I was still breathing and no broken bones. He got my bike up and out of the street . Then went to help me stand up. In the process he throws me over his shoulder. Then he takes me to his condo and throws me on a bed in the downstairs bedroom.

Mark calls a friend and asks if can come over to see if i have a concussion. He hangs up and tells me to take my clothes off. I could be in shock, have broken bones, or be bleeding and not know it. Wet clothes are just harder to get off. I was admittedly still drunk. Mark comes over and helps me. He explains we can not call an ambulance I will get a DUI for driving drunk. I asked how's my bike and was told I will need a new mirror. Removing my jeans revealed no underwear, which he complained about because a female was coming over to check me out. I pointed out he was not wearing any either.

He said. Close your eyes. As he striped off his wet basketball shorts exposing himself in the process. He puts underwear on and new dry shorts. and throws me a pair to put on myself. Complaining I didn't close my eyes while he was naked. The young blond lady in the doorway that was watching me put shorts on said. Maybe he is gay and likes what he was looking at.

I went postal. It took them both to restrain me. I was in handcuffs. Mark asked for an explanation before he calls the police and my parents.

It was fairy simple I was doing my best to meet and find a girlfriend. It was rejection after rejection. They all think I am gay or have an excuse. One girl suggest I date high school girls because we could not have sex. Another one broke up with me because she met a guy she want to lose her virginity to.

The young lady does this thing with a flashlight and my eyes. Asks' Mark for a bottled water. He leaves and she explains that Mark is a gay and her friend. He likes me a lot is very concerned because this is getting worse. She tells me I don't know you or what you are into. You need help. You should let him help. She takes the bottle water says no concussion, if I get sick it could be alcohol poison. She will call him later. Mark sits down next to me on the bed with the keys to the handcuffs. Before I let you go I have a few questions.

Why are you so desperate to have a girlfriend right now?

I explain that is how it is supposed to work. You go to college meet the girl of your dreams and get married have kids. That has been the plan along.

Mark says it is just a picture in your head . Implanted by your parents. Most people are getting education and a job first these days. He laid down on the bed next to me. I am under the covers still handcuff. He is laying on top of the covers looking into my eyes. Was this the plan your dad used.

I say yes.

To hide the fact you liked guys?

I start to cry. Say I don't want to be gay. I want to ba a dad. I want a family. Mark suggests I get some sleep, leaves me handcuffed and closes the blackout curtains and the door to the room. I wake up with my normal hangover and look for light. I sit up in the bed and remember I fell asleep with handcuffs on. I open the door to light of the room and the smells of food cooking. Mark recommends coffee the caffeine with help the headache. I sit down and he pours a cup in front of me. Followed by a plate of french toast and scrambled eggs. I was starving and it was obvious and made myself slow down. I try to make conversation. I thought you were married with children. He confirms they are at their mothers for two weeks. I can meet them next weekend. How does a straight guy married with two kids wake up gay one day?

It is the picture in your head how you think it is supposed to be. I knew I was gay and denied it. Lived a totally fake life. I had a wife and two kids before my wife decided she like another guy better and asked for the divorce and gave me the kids. I realised was pretending to be straight because I could not admit to myself I was attracted to guys.

I help clear my dishes. Mark is standing next to me at the sink. He smiles and says. I have a real easy solution if you want to try it. Could solve you whole problem in a matter of a few hours.

What is that I ask? hoping for a cure.

You get out of those shorts back in bed and I will show you some of the best things about being gay. By the time we are finish you will not only agree that you are gay but you love it and will also agree to marry me.

I respond You don't know me. Just for him him to reminded me he was the one that showed my mom, dad and me the condo over two years ago. He has checked on me everyday ever since and fell in love with me doing it. He knows I work part time at a liquor store and a Cubs fan. Then he points out I am ticklish as his fingers touch my sides. I back away as he follows me. As I duct back into the bedroom as he says lose the shorts. He reminds me he has handcuffs and I retreat under the covers. Afraid to exposés myself I remove the shorts and throw them at him as if that would slow down his advances. As well as admission that fine this was happening.

Saying slow the F down. He slowed way down. Got all romantic. Step one how two guys kiss. Step two was making out. He crawled on top of me and start chewing on my neck I stopped fighting the idea I was not gay and we went forward from there. With in months I had that family I so desperately wanted. That picture in my head adjusted replacing the finding a wife and mother of my children. To being a wife and stay at home dad with mom duties. I got a teaching degree and teach middle school, and married a cop with two kids.


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