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SON - Dad aren't you the least bit worried that having my gay big brother and his partner living with us for three months could have a negative effect on the sexuallity of your youngest son?

DAD - Son you have been the most perverted young straight man since second grade, there is no way you are gay. Did you know when you were eight would sit on the floor in front of a girl in a dress. They would stand up and you would look up to see their underwear.

SON - Perverted but 100 percent straight. Right Dad?

DAD - Without question. That's right. Not like your gay big brother at all. We just pretended to be surprised when he came out.

SON - I am grateful for the conversation and your honesty dad. I feel a lot better. Just to help you out I want you to know that mom is cheating on you with my teacher. There is no reason I am getting all those A's in his class.

The Dad Son Talk - Story Time Blog


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