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How to Fix Lonely

Story Time Blog -

At 11 pm last night I saw a pair of White Calvins reflecting of our porch light and climbing over the back fence. They get snagged and rip. Ben from the house behind us lands in our backyard. I run outside to find out what's up.

Ben's dad found his gay porn, his pot, and a notebook with drawings of naked men. Even though we are not friends I know him from high school. He was part of drama club. I had no idea about the gay part. We both graduated two years ago. I was attending CSN, and starting at UNLV in the fall.

So, now what Bro? Your underwear is ripped I can see your butt crack.

Ben said. My dad was going to beat me dude I grabbed my pot and ran. Do you want to smoke a joint? What is inside your tuff shed? With my mom and dad in bed overlooking the front yard. I open the door and we go inside turn the light but the light bulb is out. I find a strand of christmas lights and plug them in. I close the door. Ben pulls out a joint he had pre-rolled from a fanny pack and fires it up.

My name is Wayne I am 20 years old dating a girl named Beverly that I met attending my parents church. I never go to church my dad talked me into it as a present for mother that does not cost money. It was a total setup. I agreed to see a movie together and now six months later it is a standing date Friday night. We hug when I pick her up, and when she gets out of the car and we and our parents tell everyone we are dating.

I have tried smoking pot twice before, and it really didn't work. Weird how now that it was legal everyone at college was getting high. He takes a hit closes his eyes throws back his head and exhals. Damn. I need this. He passes it to me I take a hit. I give it back and exhale. He is looking around pulls out two milk creates with gardening junk and puts a six foot piece of formica countertop on top. He steps out of his ripped underwear, and takes a seat. I am sitting on the lawn mower chair looking at my now naked neighbor. Who just told me I was hitting the joint wrong and exhaling too soon. Then he accuses me of checking him out.

Bro you are naked and two feet in front of me. It is kind of hard to avoid.

He said it's not hard at all and chuckles saying no pun intended. He told me he was going to ask to borrow your shorts but I noticed you are not wearing underwear either. I actually looked down at my basketball shorts and was shocked to realize without underwear I too was showing off my stuff. Now I felt weird. Just in time for Ben to say come here. He takes my head pulling toward his face. Tells me when you see the smoke suck. He puts the lit end of the joint in his mouth and blows. I inhale as instructed. Ben removes the joint from his mouth and place his hand over my mouth and with the other pinches my nose saying taken it into your lungs and hold it. I was a swimmer in high school holding my breath was not an issue. He release saying exhale. Tells me I should probably sit down. Two minutes later I was obviously happier. So we did it again, this time closer, lips on lips.

Now that I was totally high it was time to mess with my head. I move to sit next to Ben. I think it's another shotgun but it was his tongue and we were making out all the sudden. Ben grabs something he shouldn't at least not without warning or permission. He makes me an offer he seems to think might be the best decision I make in my whole life. In exchange for letting him crash in out tuff shed tonight he will do gay stuff to me. I was a twenty year old supposably straight virgin and for the first time in my adult life someone else was touching my privates. I said WTF. Ben did gay stuff for the next hour. Then we did gay stuff together. Before passing out fairly exhausted.

Weird how only after the fact you can admit it was always a possibility. Acceptance is and always has been part of the problem. Now what as I realise that is that there is daylight under the door. I panic. We had zero idea what time it was. The plan was he would stay there I would go inside and get some clothes he could put on. I would bring them out after my parents leave for work. I close the shed locking him inside which was weird. I go inside the house just as the timer to start a pot of coffee goes off. Which would mean it is seven and my parents alarm is going off.

I run to my room. I grab a t shirt, and pair of shorts and my flip flops and throw them in a plastic bag. I hear mom and dad head down stairs to the kitchen. It was one hour and a half before they would leave for work. I laid down in bed thinking about the gay stuff that I participated in. I was freaking to say the lease and there was no way I could tell my parents. The only person I wanted to tell was Beverly. I fell asleep waiting for them to leave for work.

My dad woke me up about an hour later. Turns out today is Saturday, and he was planning to cut the grass. The naked boy in the shed told dad I promised to bring him clothes. I picked up the plastic bag as if to show proof. He said. Hang on. Yells to mom to send the boy upstairs he is a friend of Wayne's.

Mom was kind enough to provide Ben with a towel to wrap around himself. Ben shows up all smiles and freaking out. Dad says Wayne we don't care if your gay you don't need to hide your boyfriend in the shed. You boys must have stayed up all night you look exhausted get some sleep and he closes the door.

The joke moving forward was I took Bens clothes and locked him in the shed to keep him as a pet. Dad saved Ben's life as a sex slave living in a shed. By his perverted gay son that was too afraid to come out of the closet. Dad would later tell me he had an idea I could be gay. He said I started checking out guys at fourteen. He new Beverly was a joke. He was kind of hurt I could not talk to him about it.

I explained. I knew gay was a possibility that I just never let myself be open to. I refused. I just never went there. Fact was I never went anywhere and that was the problem

Dad said. Son, you cannot fix lonely, if you can't have what you want. That was huge.

Mom and dads parents didn't want them to be together. Mom said we would never tell you who to love. Ben's mom admitted to my parents that Ben shouldn't come back home. Monday we picked up his stuff and took to our house. We became roommates, boyfriends, and lovers overnight and without much thought. Mom says it not that your gay you just found some you can love that happens to be a guy. She whispers in my ear I like guy body parts too you get that from me. I choked on my cereal.

My parents are so weird. They go to church. Which bring me to Beverly. As it turns out her father hates all people of color. He loves the confederate flag and his family. Beverly and her mother with help of the church choir of thirty five members. Have been using me to hide she was sleeping with a black young man in choir with her. They both stop by to apologize on their way to Las Vegas strip to get married she is having his baby and thrilled to hear I am gay now.


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