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Points to remember it was Kentucky, and in 2023 people still got trafficked and traded like like property. Mitch on the the left own a street of apartment units on the university campus that his grandfather pasted down to him. He doesn't work he just approves expenses and maintenance request and pays people to collect the rent.

He did go to college and received a degree in business admin. His last year he met his current wife Julie after dating her freshman year they got married. She graduated two years ago, and Mitch paid off her student loans. Now employed she has met someone else. After getting caught cheating she would like a divorce.

Mitch was close to her family and they love him tremendously. He bought them a jacuzzi for their back porch for Christmas several years ago. Mitch was terribly upset with his wife's behavior and then request for a divorce. She moved out a month ago.

Mitch's father n law offered another option. Julie's little brother was just a year younger. Joseph was gay. Live's at home. He worked at Denny's as a waiter, lifts weights, and plays video games. He smokes pot but does not drink alcohol. He spends a lot of time on a gay blog called 1of2dads.

The offer was take the son and give the daughter a divorce and call it even. Her college education in exchange for her brother to love.

Mitch was like are you crazy I am not gay.

Then as Julie and Joseph father I explain. Back in high school, Joseph seduced everyone of them. They all said he is so much better. He is outside in the backyard. He has a tent set up in the back where he gets high at. We don't let him smoke in the house. Just go talk to him, you have not seen him since we got that awesome Jacuzzi.

Mitch needed some fresh air and headed out to the tent. It took less than thirty seconds to reach the tent. Joseph was thrilled he came out to see him. His dad told him Mitch was coming over. Joseph said that where they were in the backyard was the one and only place he could be himself. The problem was no one was their to share it with.

Mitch just got blunt and asked. Is it true you are better than your sister.

Joseph - The only reason you are still together is I did get a chance to prove it to you I offered. You said no and got hitched way too fast.

Ben - Your sister wants a divorce to hook up with someone else. Can I have a second chance to find out? If it is true I will get you out of here and you can be yourself all the time with me.

Joseph - Help me put the fire out. I going home with you, let me grab my backpack, and toothbrush. I stole her last four boyfriends from her, you are the one I did get chance at.

The next morning Mitch and Joseph are gay lovers and have yet to get any sleep. He agreed to give his wife a divorce clean divorce, one one condition. She attends twenty session with a sex therapist, and watches 500 hours of adult content before the divorce is final. She had no idea what she was doing, and the only person Mitch has done anything with. Not one of her exes or her parents informed her she was bad in bed and doing it wrong. Mitch was grateful for a second chance and felt his ex-wife should get one too.

Then she needed therapy for another six month.

Her excuse for losing all the boyfriends to her brother. Everyone knows gay guys are better. I just had to find a real straight guy and keep him away from my brother. It worked for five years until their father suggested an even trade. Gay love is stronger than most people realize. People thrive when they get to be their true-self. Mitch tells everyone I was open to the person. I like her brother. Who happened to be gay, it was a packaged deal. Not a choice, a requirement to return the love and not a problem.

Even Trade - Story Time Blog


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