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Coach and his gay student embrace.

Josh's third period is Health Class, taught by Coach Johnson. An eight week all male class that include two weeks of sex education. 28 senior class students were focused on a picture of the male reproductive system. With twenty minutes of class left Josh gets' a notification from from his dad. His older sister just had a baby girl. Josh is a uncle. Coach grabs Josh's phone saying you know the rules. No looking at your phone in class.

The students are told to read the next chapter as the coach and Josh's phone take a seat at his desk. With the phone unlocked Coach starts scrolling through his pictures app. There the weaseling star at Garten High School has tons of gay content on his phone. Including some of himself watching adult content. The coach was impressed. He makes eye contact with with Josh who knew immediately he was busted.

This is the same coach that signed off and help get Josh a scholarship at Colorado State. Due to the scholarship Coach Johnson know Josh's dad personally. After class Josh asked to get his phone back. Coach replied after school, his office.

Josh showed up extremely nervous but glad to see his dad was not there. Coach has Josh change into his PE clothes telling him to be prepared to do some push ups. Back in Coaches office he wants answers.

Josh explains. I'm gay, but I have never done anything with a guy. His parents do not know anything about this and telling them is not a good idea

Coach points to the picture of his wife and little girl. His wife is a large lady way over two hundred pounds. His daughter was about five. He said she gained the excess weight during pregnancy. They stopped having sex after their daughter was born five years ago.

As a result the coach cheats on his wife with guys, and is looking for a temporary role playing husband. Starting today, and until Josh leaves for college.

Josh asked. So, what are my choices here Coach.

Coach said, Relax and get naked and pretend I am your girlfriend for thirty minutes. You will come back and want more after that I promise. Grow up and lets be gay young man. A friend to share that dark closet with until you are ready.

It was not the way Josh pictured his first time with a guy at all. The fact was Josh was gay and thought about the coach that way in the first place. Now was that opportunity. The first three minutes of making out was scary and weird. Then it just got really gay really fast. Josh had zero idea what to expect. A switch clicked and this was the gay stuff he had been waiting for and with his hot coach and mentor. Josh just started repeating thank you coach thank you until after they had finished.

As his coach predicted Josh was there every day after school and excited for the opportunity for extra credit. Experience which came in really handy when he got to Colorado State. The two of them would remain friends the rest of their lives.

Coach Johnson - Story Time Blog


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