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Christmas Exposed - Story time Blog

Looking into a old basement bathroom and the back of a man.

Old victorian house University of Illinois campus our frat house basement was the game room with a old pool table, the laundry room, and a makeshift bar and weight room.

As the one gay frat member that knew how to wash and fold my frat brothers paid me to do their laundry. Which was right next to the restroom. Then we actually made a rule if I or anyone doing laundry catch someone not lifting the seat, or not flushing, and take a pic the guilty member they have to pay a fine of 2 dollars for each time. I was there a lot so I took a lot of pics. We collected about 200 to 300 bucks a month We used the money to help stock the bar. Which we sold back to everyone.

It worked out great until I went home for Christmas. My dad use my phone to take a picture of Mom and me together. He then saw 142 pictures of frat brother butts.

Dad - How many guys are in your frat and why are you taking so many butt pics?

Dad shows them to mother who starts scrolling through them.

Mom - Did you come out to them before you came out to us honey?

Dad - Come out of what mother? What are you talking about?

That was a Christmas we will always remember.

Christmas Exposed - Story time Blog


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