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Blond dancer

The newest dancer at the cabaret. Didn't even have a chance to practice. The owner noticed him on the dance floor. Turned off the lights and turn on a spot light. Over the PA system in the DJ booth offered him five one hundred dollar bills. To get on stage and dance. While taking his clothes off of course. To the roar of the crowd.

He seemed hesitant. Didn't really want to. Talk about peer pressure. It was getting intense. I pushed a few people out of my way. Just to get close enough to whisper in is ear. With your permission. I'm going to throw you over my shoulder just to get you out of here. He smiled looking at my arms. Okay sounds great.

Much to everyone disappointment and several smacks to his butt. I felt his hands groping the back of my body. Once outside I placed him upright. I ask if he was okay and how he felt about going back to my place. He smiled looking at my crotch. Saying. Okay sounds great.

Smart kid going to college. Does fit in with straight guys and has zero desire to hide what he is. He get used a lot, a good time and dropped. He is very afraid. No one has the guts to tell him, he is just really bad in bed.

I show him the house, he acts impressed. Why so many bedrooms for just you? he questions. I offer him a beer and a kiss which he takes eagerly. Options for a swim, jacuzzi, massage. Watch TV and cuddle.

He said all of the above giving me a hug. Telling me to shsh he can he my heart beat asking for a moment of silence. Looking up we make eye contact. He says Thanks for getting me out of there. No one has ever come to my rescue before. I love you for that and I would like to show you how much. 

Two days later a breakfast conversation about finally getting dressed so he can go to classes the next day. We came to the conclusion we were both just screwing the wrong people. We had two days of perfection the young man can definitely dance. I asked to marry him. He said I could.

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