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AI Art Without Words

Roommates and friends.

Now over six months.

Because we are miles away from home.

They didn't want us to be so alone.

You were not having a good night.

You can't or won't tell me why.

I suggest would like to get high bro.

You ask OMG do you have pot.

I ask for my backpack.

You are kind enough to bring it to me.

You sit on the coffee table.

I pull out a pre roll and have you fire it up.

It was our third or forth pass I could feel it..

You cracked a smile, got a tear in your eye.

And said I really love you, I really needed this.

Then you lean over and give my forehead a kiss.

I said talk to me bro.

Tell me what's going on.

You have been on pins and needles.

For the last week or so.

I can't say it I have been trying.

It just way too scary to say it out loud.

I super hate rejection bro.

But do you mind if I do this to you.

You moved from the coffee table.

To next to me on the couch.

You start touching me.

Without any words.

I just let things happen.

Cringe when it feels really good.

I finally pull you on tap of me.

We start to make out on the couch.

We were not that far from naked.

Both just wearing shorts sort of.

I suggest we go to a bedroom.

You explain you have lube.

The next day we wake up.

Naked in bed together.

Gay as gay can be.

And out of the closet boyfriends.

Without Words - Story Time Blog


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