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When it Rains - Story Time Blog

A.I Artwork 1of2dads two gay dudes and rainbow umbrella

When it rains I want to cuddle,

Sit in a coffee shop just to watch it.

I want to fall in love with someone.

To run around in it with, and not get sick.

When it rains I cry sometimes.

It makes me sad due to timing.

A change in plans, without warning.

When I am way too hyper for nothing.

When it rains it can make me lazy.

Sometime crazy, if my dog needs a walk.

I want listen to weather reports.

Just to see if they are right or not.

When it rains I open my window at night.

To feel the wet breeze.

Listen to the sound it makes.

It takes my mind of things, so I can sleep.

When it rains I want to be gay.

I want to do gay stuff.

I want to make gay love.

Then look for rainbows when it's done.

When it Rains - Story Time Blog


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