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Story Time Blog -

Geo's little brother Hank age 12 brings me Geo's cell phone telling me this is important. He shows me a picture of my son and his two best friends. Geo and his friends Harry and Chuck graduate high school in two months. The three of them have been doing some crazy stuff.

Two weeks ago the shave off all of their hair. My wife was sweeping up hair in the bathroom and screams. Not all of it was from their heads. Supposably they all helped each other shave everywhere. Now a butt pic of the three of them. Hank asks Are you going to spank their butts dad. I reply maybe.

Geo's was leaving for college this fall going to California. Harry is leaving for the east coast, and Chuck is going to school in Illinois. I take Geo's phone from Hank to go find him. Passed out naked on his bed was how Hank was able to get his cell phone. I threw a blanket over him to cover him from the waste down. Then wake him up, saying explain this please.

After forty-five minutes of listening I felt like I was old. I learn the issues of being 18 in 2023. No one has sex anymore. Girls don't want to do anything but flirt, tease, and make guys crazy. No one wants' kids until 30. So the three of them have learned to take care of each other. I insert That sounds gay. While he explains it is only second base with guys which is better than striking out with girls. Yes it is a little bit gay until something or someone better comes along.

I pulled out twenty dollars and told him to buy a lock for his door. He has a 12 year old brother that is loves his big brother and this could be very confusing. I suggest his friends and he should be aware of what they do or say in front of him. Geo looks confused and asks is that it?

I explain we get one chance at life. Do what makes you happy. Not me, and not your mom. Just try your best to not hurt yourself or anyone else in the process. He asks so three years from now I meet a guy and want to get married you would be okay with that? Yes if that's what makes you happy, he's good guy, why not? Geo's jumps up standing on his bed naked and wraps his arms around me. Just for the record I don't think I'm gay but you are the best dad ever. I smack his butt hard with my hand.

He freaks... What's was that for.

I say. Sorry I was having a gay moment and your butt was screaming smack me. If Hank asks tell him I spanked your butt. You might consider keeping it covered and put a lock on your phone so your little brother stops trying to take it. I love you too kid.


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