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Warning: Las Vegas Heat - Story Time Blog

 AI ART Warning Las vegas heat.

It was Las Vegas and extremely hot and we both broke out into a sweat exiting the freezing casino. My boss and I make the mistake to take off our shirts off outside by the car. The plan was to lose the ties put on company t-shirts.

We never got that far. Something about craving salt due to dehydration, we ending up back to the room and doing Gay stuff. We weren't gay and had never done this before. Due to company policy I had to resign my job. I became his gay personal assistant with the same pay but a much better benefit package.

When we left the hot looking vellet asked us...

Let me guess you checked in straight and you are both leaving gay.

What the hell. I asked How did you know?

It happens a lot, they were thinking that they should hand out more free water. Put out warnings, but it's not like anyone is complaining everyone leaves very happy.

New Warning - The Las Vegas heat can make you do gay stuff. What happen is Vegas can make you gay forever.

Warning: Las Vegas Heat - Story Time Blog


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