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Thomas was having a nervous breakdown but he did not know it. What he describes to me is intense mental distress. People who feel they are having a nervous breakdown may be experiencing overwhelming anxiety, paranoia or thoughts of self-harm.  He has been hang out downtown for the last five days that I have worked. I am so glad today is Friday I need a mental health break myself.

Hey Thomas remember me? Dave from Smiths. I got us some food, let's go back to my place, eat and relax bro.  

You brought food for me?

See that tall building. Over there six stories tall. That is where I live. Apartment 303.

I am really hungry did you bring a lot of food? Wait ...Do I know you? Why are you offering me food? Can't you just give it to me? 

Come on Thomas, we are almost there. Do you remember Monday we split a Resses on my break. Tuesday we split a Almond Joy.

Wait, what day is today?

It's Friday.

The sandwich on Wednesday you let me steal it.

No, I paid for that. You own three bucks remember?

I remember. Your the gay guy that is nice to me. I am sorry I am really tired too. You are going to be a doctor? An ambulance guy.


We get to the apartment and eat at the small kitchen table that I also use as a desk. I have to remind Tom to slow down. He finally says he is full. I tell him to relax on the couch why I clean up. He falls asleep in less than three minutes. My evil plan is working.

I clean up the kitchen and think about all the homeless people downtown and why they all end up at Smiths some point. I started working at Smiths in high school. They fast tracked me into a training program and after five years I am an assistant at age twenty one..

I check on Tom. I was able to get his shoes and socks off. I put his legs on the couch and a throw blanket over him.

Is it wrong to want one of my own? At the age of twenty one. I go to school four days a week all online classes. Kind of easy. Plus work a fulltime job. I make okay money, it not a lot. But it is more than I spend. I can afford to feed him. The added cost of utilities. Someone to take care of, someone to love., and love me back. Not into bars, hate alcohol and what it does to people. perfect hair, or too gay. Someone that wants me, and that I want too.

I sit in the chair across and watch. I loved him from the first time I saw him and have looked forward to seeing him everyday since. I snag his wallet out of his backpack. No money no reason to hide it. I snap a picture of a Washington State I.D. not even a license. He is a Virgo and 19. A library card that cool, he reads. A picture of his parents and two brothers. A trash bag of a few dirty clothes I throw in the washer. A dead cell phone I put on a charger.

Tom rolls over over the couch adjusts things. Then falls back to sleep for about ten minutes. He starts to dream I think. Waking himself up a second time he sits up and looks around. We make eye contact. He smiles as he realizes where he is now.


I point towards the hall and say At the end. Five minutes later he yells.

Dave. Can you come here?

My apartment is not that big I am there in a few leaps. I say what's up?

Can I take a shower please?

I say yes I think that is a great idea. I show where extra towels, body wash, shampoo. I go to leave to leave and say

 Yell if you need anything.

You could wash my hair if you take a shower with me.

Beaming I say That would be cool are you sure?

Show me how to do this. he asks.

I turn the water on and adjust the spray. He gets in and I join him. I start at the top and work my way down to his feet. He is perfectly clean. I pass him the sprayer and say your turn bro.

He puts his arms around and tells me Before I left Washington I pictured you. A hot gay guy around my age that would love me, Someone that wants me, and that I want too.  I think that is you.

Turns out we both got what we wanted.

Want and Need - Story Time Blog


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