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VA Benefits

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Two men in a hospital

It was a VA hospital and there was no shortages on hot attractive men.  Allan at the age of twenty two was one of them. He was on a medical hold pending his discharge in six months. Also with an addiction to hot married military men himself. Made his stay super covenant for some gay military activity.

Preferably older between by ten to twenty years. Normally his behavior would get him discharged for this. Allan has a list of high ranking married officers he has convinced to come back for seconds and thirds.

An arrangement he made with a doctor and his psychiatrist. That will now allow him to keep all his benefits for the rest of his life. A standing weekly date for the three of them. Means a lot more fun to come in the next six months. Gave a whole new meaning to saying I have a doctors appointment. As the pending discharge date gets closer. The doctor decide to come out of the closet. A quick and silent divorce from wifes.

The two doctors get married in a on base ceremony. Followed by a really big party at their house. A joke at the toast. Raise your hand if you have not slept with Allen. Only one person raise their hand. He actually work for the company catering the food. It was a mistake and everyone laughed.

Now that everyone was out about doing gay stuff with Allen. The party soon became an military orgy. But Allen was busy with one that didn't. Age twenty two blond hair and blue eyes. Now that was totally different. A nice change for some with so much experience. Allen falls for his innocence and only wants to take care of him, especially in the bedroom.

Men and their need to be daddies always wins when it matters. Fact is married and straight everyone's a little bit gay. Especially when they are not getting any. A problem for straight men in general. Guys like Allan have the solution and can prove it. With two doctors that will back him up with research and their own personal experience.


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