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The story made the school newspaper, and then a TV Station. A group of frat guys have bailed on the idea hooking up with girls is actually worth it. They believe God intended men to act this way.  In fact they are against hooking up with females completely until unless you want marriage and children. Pointing out. Now you can even do that with a guy these days.

The all male house is promoting a mancave lifestyle. Where guys take care of guys. You can walk around naked if you want. It is about role playing. Getting what you want, or need and even sometimes deserve.

They have a waiting list for members wanting to join and as a result three other fraternities our considering a change in policy condoning gay activities between their members. They are ditching the pool tables for blacked out rooms to do gay stuff in.

Lenny from 1of2dads reporting live in the dark room, with Mark Alen, John and Daniel. The four hot frat guys in the picture.


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