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Pahrump, Nevada was not the place to be in 1999. This is my mom's story told to me repeatedly while I was growing up. Back then two guys could not look at each other or could be labeled as a fag for the rest of their life.

Both of my dads were gay and in love with each other in high school but had to hide it. My mom was one of their bests friends and would help them. She said for an entire year she pretended to be their girlfriend to both sets of parents.

The night of prom the three of them did it together and my mom got pregnant. Both of my dad’s told their parents I was theirs. It wasn't until right before I was born both of my grandparents found out someone else could be my dad.

They did a test and put his name on my birth certificate, and they left my mom's name off on purpose. Both my dad’s moved to Las Vegas and started living as a gay couple. Which brings us to my sixteenth birthday in 2015. My two dads were two of the first two guys to get married in Las Vegas. My mom and both my grandparents were there.

My grandmas told me after the ceremony I changed everything. They saw how much my dad’s loved each other and me. One Sunday grandpa stood up in church and told everyone they were going to hell. That Jesus was about love not being mean to people. They never went back. After that everyone became a family again.

My dad’s made up a rule. I cannot be in anyone’s bedroom with a girl, a boy or both until I am twenty-one, the door must stay open. It might have something to do with Sara my girlfriend and Josh my gay best friend is both trying to get me in bed. I have so much fun between the two of them. I just might be able to wait that long to choose a preference.

Then Grandpa says wait until you fall in love then you do not have a choice. WOW I like that idea.

Two Dads One Mom - Story Time Blog


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