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Three and The Gay Guy - Story Time Blog

three butts and blu sky

After telling my three straight best friends I am gay. I am getting all kinds of questions. Mostly about whose body part do I think is hotter. You get the picture. right? Who has the nicest... fill in the blank.

After a few too many beers Joe suggests a who is the better kisser competition. I was like no way lets no go there. Now they are giving the gay guy shit (me) What gay guy in their right mind would not want to kiss them.

Ground rules thirty seconds open mouths tongues and everything. I pick who goes in what order. I pick who wins. Ken was first and forceful, Sal was second and the girl in this kiss. Joe was more than mind-blowing. We did not stop when the time ran out. Everyone in the room knew why I need to clean up in the restroom and making Joe the winner with no announcement needed.

Talk about awkward Joe was very freaked out. Pacing back and forth. Ken and Sal are questioning why they can't do that. Blaming on the extra time seem logical. Sal wants to do it again with no time limit. Ken suggests a lap dance contest. I open the door to the restroom and Joe meets in the doorway. He said we should talk about what just happened but I kind of would rather go to your room get naked and see if we can do that again. What do you think?

I said Don't fuck with me I knew this might be a bad idea. I am not just a gay guy, willing to experiment for your benefit. I am a gay friend with feelings.

Tony I have been pushing Ken and Sal to have these contests to see if you might like me. The minute you told us you were gay I wanted to kiss you, ...awkward silence...

More than just that. That kiss was me finding out something about myself. I am gay and I have a crush on you bro. We check on Sal and Ken who have decided to find out with each other what a guy on guy lap dance feels like. We run up stairs to my bedroom. The next day all four of us are out and two gay couples.

Three and The Gay Guy - Story Time Blog


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