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The Pizza Man - Story Time Blog

A.I. Artwork 1of2dads. the Pizza man and his boyfriend.

The first time we meet he was not happy. Dinner for my family of five is over an hour late. I show up to raise hell. To find these two guys blown away with orders and only one delivery driver. He told me the food would be at my house by the time I get back. Then he refunded my money. Catholic Guilt now I felt like crap. Needless to say I go back every two weeks and over tip to make up for it.

Over the next few months I get to know The pizza man. His name is Mike and the guy he works with is Tim. Mikes has the long hair, always pulled back in a ponytail. It was down to his butt for the longest time. A very nice butt too. I am old enough to be his dad plus some. The kid is super nice to me I got this kind of crush on him. My debit card is rainbow flag and I am guilty of staring. I think it is awesome when a straight guy is kind to me. The nicer they are the more I tip. God forbid someone would actually flirt I would be in trouble financially.

Now I order in person at watch them from my car for entertainment while our food cooks. The two of them have this routine that is awesome to watch. They toss stuff, and catch it and cover for each other positions. It was like watching two guys dancing together. I was truly impressed. I did my time in restaurants and working as a team is huge. Mike and Tim were two parts of a unit. Working their butts off and having fun. It's was what they did, and they had gotten very good at it.

That night I dropped off pizza and chicken for my three boys. While daddy 2 and I steal just a slice we are going out to a gay bar to be around gay people for a change. First we tried the Garage but couldn't get a drink. Then we go down to the Gypsy and the line to get in was insane. It was getting late so we stopped by the Fun Hog Ranch Bar. It was busy but they always have enough help and awesome service. We should have went there first.

We get our drinks and head for a table. There in the back corner, cuddled in a booth is The Pizza Man and his hot assistant. They are all cuddled up together looking like more than just boyfriends. His hair was our of that ponytail and OMG that man was hot and so was his boyfriend. I had to walk up and say hi. I took this pic to show my kids. What guys with long hair should look like. I have two boys that look like they are in Heavy Metal Band.

I would find out months later. The night I got that refund on my rainbow debit card. The two young men had a conversation about gay people. That let to a talk about gay stuff. Reasons they were both single was discussed. Where they were at with stuff. They were locking up the door getting ready to go home. In an awkward moment they shared a kiss. A conversation of doing more.

It was all my fault they got together in the first place, that is why he is so nice to me.

The Pizza Man - Story Time Blog


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