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The Picture of Him

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picture of my dad.

It was the only picture I had of him.

I took it from my mom at age 11 and hid it.

Growing up without a dad made me different.

Male friends were much more important.

I wanted to look just like him.

Be just like him.

Mom said I did look like him when I was little.

She doesn’t talk about him much anymore.

She said She would always love him.

She said It was time to move on.

I kept waiting to be rescued.

From a house full of girls.

By a dad that could never come back.

At seventeen I told my mom I was gay.

And I like older guys that way.

She blamed my dad’s picture.

Claimed she should have never shown it to me.

When I was little.

I explained pictures do not make you gay.

You love what you think you deserve.

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