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you good-looking man after surgery

A very personal issue for my roommate for two years. A current medical issue required circumcision at the age of twenty-two. He was freaking. It was extremely painful. It required him to remain naked for the first 48 hours, with limited fluids.

Then a week of wearing a jockstrap and seeing that butt. It was day four and he was extremely needy. I provide food and entrainment to keep his mind off the pain. He was starting to have moments of normal. We could crack jokes. I was giving him his medication, and he gets real serious. He said. You are the best friend in the world for doing this bro.

Then he grabbed a handful of my hair on the back of my head, Pulling me towards his mouth his gives me a kiss. I give one back. Then what the doctor said would happen happened. We had to wait a week before we could do that a again. He could not even think about it. He said it was hard to be in the same room together. No pun intended.

We survived and became boyfriends eventually.

The Operation - Story Time Blog


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