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AI ART The New Boyfriend

My mothers new boyfriend said he was fine with me being gay. Claims it happens to a lot of boys that grow up without a father. 9 months after they first started dating. 7 months after I reached the age of consent. 6 months after he moved in to live with us. I wake up to my cell phone alarm. I shut it off check messages. All with my back to the door. I roll over on by back. Remove my underwear under the covers, and adjust stuff while scrolling through gay tumblr blogs.

He clears his throat to alert me to his presence. He has been there a while watching. He smiles. I switch apps to turn on the video cam on my desktop. Positioned to take pics of me in bed for my blog will come in handy for this. He lifts his shirt as if to ask. I move to the far side and throw back the blanket and sheets. Exposing myself. An offer to teach me stuff, but we cannot tell my mom.

By the time I left for college two years later I have over 600 videos saved. Him and my mother lasted just over a year after I left. She catches him cheating with a young woman around my age. He disappeared off the face of the planet. Changed his name or something. I was only 16 when we started so I can't post them. I was such a kid there is a part of that sees it was more about him. Conversations about how he made sure mom was kept happy. That was talking dirty to a kid about sex with his mom. Its was twisted perverted.

I will admit I loved him and the sex at the time. He seemed to love me, maybe it was the sex. I was learning and it was hot, and felt great. I just worried about my mom finding out. He helped me score with a few guys in high school. Joined in once as complete setup. All to help my friend get thought his first time being the receiver. All on video. I found out later he hit on him to play alone.

I am haunted by the videos, and yet addicted to watching them. I would much rather have a boyfriend. That would also require I turn them off and put them away. Leave my apartment and meet real people, have conversations. That's what I need to learn now, and at the age of 21. I got the gay sex part down. It's finding the right someone to do it with.

The New Boyfriend - Story Time Blog


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