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The Last Ones Left - Story Time blog

AI Art The last ones left

Marshall is my only friend and this town is too tiny. I cannot be that picky who I hang with.

Marshall is explaining to me the that Sunday's church service made him gay. He seems to think gays are also God's chosen people. He would also like to teach pastor Johnson a lesson that love is love.

There are zero females that live in Rantoul under the age of 40 and over 21. So, he thinks he and I should hook up and do gay stuff. Then he tells me he was good at doing gay stuff when he was in the Navy. Which might explain why he was only in for a year. He told me it was irritated bowel syndrome, and probably from doing gay stuff.

I think, I may be cursed. Marshall does not remember this but our sophomore year we did gay stuff with each other. While I would like to suggest Marshall is and always has been gay, He has refused to admit it let alone offer to have it until today. I was drunk was my excuse. I for whatever reason can't stop thinking about it. Marshall clearly beat out the five previous attempts by girls. If I was actually straight I would avoid Marshall like a plague. I have managed to keep him at a safe distance. Not sure what changed today.

Then the other side of that is there ever a good time to come out to your parents? We are farmers. A wife might be necessary to keep the family farm in the family. I could be throwing that all away. I needed more info.

So define gay in the Navy?

Marshall smiles and says. I promise to be the best wife three times a day using different methods till death do us part. Let's go to my apartment right now and I will prove it to you.

What happens if I don't like it and throw up or worse..

Is no fun unless you want to. I am just asking we check it out. Come on are you telling me you never once thought of doing gay stuff with me?

No I have actually. But you were always tied up with a gag in your mouth in that thought.

Right there in the middle of the day. As we start walking to his apartment to do gay stuff.

He drops down on all fours and starts licking my feet through my flip flops. I was so embarrassed, and turned on. Not the way to come out of the closet in public.

We get back to his place. I am freaking this could be happening. Marshall and I are finally going to and Marshall shows up with a garbage full restraint stuff still in the packages.

We were so distracted checking it out it got so both so worked up. It was finally time to do gay stuff. It took three days before we could stop. Two days before we could start back up again. Some body parts need breaks too. Thank God there is more than one way to please a gay man or his husband wife.

The Last Ones Left - Story Time blog


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