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picture manipulation HULK

We had been friends since high school and worked together at Smith’s Food and Drug Store. I took Martha Hill to prom my junior year and Zack took her our senior year. I have sense then realized I like guys better. But at the age of twenty-two I have yet to share that news with anyone. I avoid even thinking about it to myself. It seemed to me if being gay is real I would be more inclined to do something about it.

Zack started management three months ago. I am after five years and a associates degree, a cashier. It's his muscles, and his friendly personality. He is a genuine, a really nice person. He was also in my check-out line with a twelve pack. Upset that three people had canceled watching the Raiders game at his house. Another achievement he is ahead of me on. He used his 401 K to get his own house. So, he asked me. Do you want to come over? He was so happy when I said. Yes. I was hoping he was going to hug me. He did what everyone does and rubbed my buzzed head. Ask for a # three all over it turns your head into a magnet for hands. It was one way to get other people to touch me. It that twisted sick? or twisted lonely?

Zack was six feet two inches of solid mussel. A hulk. I was 5' 10" in my work shoes. While I too had a six pack, I was a track guy. The skinny kid that ran really fast. I get to Zack's house right after work an hour before the game. 1600 Square feet of awesome for a twenty two year old I was jealous. I too had a 401 K with work, never thought about this. Three bedrooms but one is a game room. We watched the game. He made us hot wings in the oven and beers. It was all really cool.

He has one of those light strips you can program different colors in his bath room. He removes his shirt, and turns the light to green, and asks me about Halloween this year. He wants to go as the HULK. I freak seeing him in green he is the Hulk. Then he opens a drawer and pulls out four tubes of green body paint. He turns to me and asks. It in a few weeks I just need help putting it in places I can't reach.

Then it happens. Boom! I thought to myself you should tell him your queer NOW. I declined the suggestion. I said I would be happy to help him. For the next two weeks we were like best friends at work. Everyone knew I had checked out his house and loved it because he told them. I did confirm it to a few that seem to be impressed. Then Halloween and Nevada Day and gets here on a Sunday a perk about the State of Nevada. Monday is a holiday. The bars make it a party and costume contests are going off every hour somewhere.

He asked me to be there at noon and had lunch waiting for me. Chicken breast seasoned with fresh spinach, and pasta. NO butter that was a sin. Then he got naked OMG and handed me tubes of green body paint. I was to start on his back side, his ancles going up. He would be doing the front. That made my job pretending to be straight easier. Which was occupying too much space in my brain. Those tugs to the queer side were strong around Zack. Especially when he said things like... You have strong hands dude, this feels kind of good you touching me like that... and ... Sorry bro but make sure you get in between my cheeks as much as possible. For about twenty seconds I rub green goop all up in there. He smiled, Damn Bro.

I think I can qualify that my first time having sex him. He was unaware of it. There was more than green paint on my hands to clean up when I went to take a leak. Then he insisted I was going out with him. He might need a touch up, and or a chaperone. Then I realized he had a list of ten bars with parties and contests. At the third contest he got second place and five hundred in cash. Which he asks me to put in my wallet since he was almost naked.

We were having a blast, without alcohol. This was memories we were making that I will never forget. It was like we were friends, yet we really did not know each other that well. Because we went to the same high school maybe. We had a shared history. It was getting close to midnight, and he had one more bar to hit. He offers to call it quits for the night. I ask why? The contest was at a gay bar. He is known to have danced there occasionally. He seems to think he might have a great chance of winning the one thousand dollar grand prize.

BOOM. BOOM. That tug pulling. Come out, come out wherever you are. This was

freaking me the F out. Falling for a dancer at a gay bar sounded so reasonable to me. I had a very scary feeling I was going to explode spewing my gay self all over both of us. I said I'm good. Just don't let anyone touch me. Insanity creeps in my head when he replies. Anyone asks, just tell them you’re my boyfriend. My mind was racing so much I was having issues parking.

My first response they are way too many people in this building, this is a death trap. The guys checked us both out were like x ray vision looks. You know… they have the ability to see you with your clothes off if they look long enough. Each contestant gets two minutes on stage, and they have ten contestants.

Zack was number five. For two minutes everyone in the room wanted to be ravaged by the Hulk. He even had Hulk feet for shoe’s, and I guess feet is a gay thing or something. His closest competition was a Michael Jackson guy who went third. He was nervous and so cute about it. I have never seen this side of him.

A then the announcement. Everyone was back on stage. Zack would scan the crowd and look back at me. It was in fact a tie for first place. Zack and Mr. Jackson, the winner will be determined by the audience.

There was no question Zack got more applause, hoots, hollers, and doggie calls. Weird the drag queen hosting had me come up on stage as his accomplice in winning. Before presenting him with his prize. An interview. So, how long have you two been together and is this an open relationship? Do you boys share. Zack seemed to panic, looking at me he winks and says... We are new at this and haven't made that decision yet, give me your number and you will be the second person to know.

She and the crowd count out loud ten one hundred dollar bills into Zacks hand. Which he gives to me. We exit off stage to a bunch of guys that want a picture with the HULK, and they are tipping him for a picture and a chance to place it in those short shorts. Finally, the crowd is just a few gay guys flirting with Zack. Then a large man comes over looks at Zack and then me. He asks... So, this is your new stick?

Zack says Hey Joe, Leave us alone.

Joe was not ready to go away. Zack started to panic he went from counting and straightening out dollar bills to throwing them into a gym bag, He took me by the arm, picked up the bag and we headed in the opposite direction. He gets me over by the DJ booth.

I'm gay... he says... this is not the way I had plan to tell you this. I was hoping to explain all this back at my house later tonight. No one really knows except my little sister and some gay people here. I just thought there might be a chance you were too. You won't date Carla at work, please tell me you are gay. I thought for sure painting my body would help talk you into this. Please don't get pissed

I had never really thought about kissing anyone before or until that moment. That was tug I will never forget. BOOM. Say the words. BOOM Say the words now.

I am so gay for you right now Zack.

Than mouth on mouth with the Incredible Hulk.

Awesomeness, BOOM We were in love. BOOM and as great as that coming out moment was, I am so gay my tongue was green before we washed all that body paint off and as great as that was, I would top that just an hour later. Just f... ing incredible.

The Hulk for Halloween - Story Time Blog


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