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The Gay Couple Next Door - Story Time Blog

AI Art The gay couple next door

I hate moving and swear this is the last time. You never know if your neighbors will love or hate you. We are and will always be the gay couple next door. My husband Hank is not longer in the military. We just purchased our first house, outside Charleston, SC. It is a quite area with a lot of people that are connected to the University. Hank and our truck of stuff show up at 10:00 am and we start the task of unloading. Because I am a bit OCD everybox had a label for the room it goes into. The idea is you unpack the room you need to first. It was a twenty-two foot truck full of all our junk. Like everything we owned.

The neighbors to the north of us is a Retired Navy guy Chuck and his college age son Charles. Shortly before noon introduced themselves , and just started helping. The whole conversation this is my husband thing went really great. It was truly wonderful. We were not seen as the fags moving in next door. With the truck empty by 3:00 pm it was past time for a beer.

With boxes all over the place Chuck invited us over to their house to take a break. We start in the kitchen and as we head into the the living room. Chuck grabs Charles butt and gives it a rub. Hank and I look at each other confused. Then the kid puts his arm around his dad's shoulder and says now that we have had a work out I ready to play now. Saying what do you think daddy?

Chuck turns to his son with a smile and said stop you are going to freak our new neighbors out, before they have had a chance to unpack. He then explains they have been together five years, and have an open relationship. They are so glad another gay couple moved in next door. Asking do you guys fool around?

Hank and been eyeing Charlie all day, so I knew this was going to happen eventually. So I made a move on Daddy. It turned out to be our last and best move in every every way. We love our house, and our neighbors. Turns out Charlie is part of the welcoming committee here. Out of the 137 houses in the community. 33 are owned by gay couples. Over fifty of them fool around.

I am telling you, us homo's are taking over.

The Gay Couple Next Door - Story Time Blog


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