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 A I Art The gay boy next door

In Fall of 2016 the Hansen's purchased the house next door. A military family of three, they were in their twenties with a three year old. He was a mechanic for airplanes and went to the same church my family did. Mrs. Hanson stayed home at took care of their son.

I was Darren the perverted gay boy next door. The family sinner, and embarrassment that God insisted they love anyway. I was sixteen and Allen Hansen was my idea of the perfect man. It was my job in life to spy on him twenty four seven. It took a month for them to realize I was watching only him shower, through their bathroom window. At sixteen they all agreed I was an abomination and prayed for me daily.

On to 2018 I could use my state scholarship at any college in the state. So I picked the one furthest away from my parents. I decided to become a nurse and move forward. It was harder than I thought. While the freedom to be myself was awesome. I just wasn't very good at the social side of being out of the closet. I dated, I hooked up, but no matter how hard I tried to get to know someone. It was like having sex with strangers and nothing more. I was hoping for more, and was clueless on how to find it.

In 2020 my mom has a stroke that limits what she can do. I visit and help my dad set up services that can help them both. Dad tells me the Hansen's are getting a divorce. The wife took off with the kid, and another man from their church. The FBI is looking to see if they took the kid out of the country. It was weird to be there, and felt great to leave.

It was 2025 by the time I got my actual License. I got a job and moved back home to take care of my parents at the age of twenty five, my fifty year old parents were falling apart. Dad hurt himself at work as was on disability. Mom getting huge due to no excursive. It was a ten foot Uhaul truck that was half full. My old bedroom was still there with nine years of junk on top of everything. Allen Hansen shows up introduces himself and offers to help. It was the third trip into our house. When my dad said. Start locking your door at night. My fag son is moving back in. Allen freaked.

He waited to until we got back out to the truck and asked. Are you really the same boy that had a crush on me? Oh my god that was nine years ago. You look totally different, I mean of course you do. So do I, I bet. This was weird I was making him nervous. He works as a mechanic for United. He tells me his wife took off with his kid, and it was my mother that warned him. He thinks they are in the middle east. With the truck empty he offers to follow me to return it and give me a ride back.

With everything check in I go to climb into his truck. He smiles really big. Asking. Do you mind if I kiss you.? Then he just does it anyway. His tongue, heart and soul down my throat. Boom. That has never happened before with a kiss. We separate for air. and composure.

Allen Hansen came out as gay a year ago and has decline to inform my parents. He claimed I gave him the idea in a dream he had. He said in the dream I was still the 16 year old gay boy next door saying remember me you got other options. I started checking out gay bars the following week. I am freaking outing he is thirty five and hot, stable, and gay. The he says the most magical words.

Now, I am the gay boy next door with a crush on you. We are suppose to do this. We go back to his place to live happily ever after.

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The Gay Boy Next Door - Story Time Blog


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