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A.I. Art The Evil Plan

He had not graduated high school yet. He lived with his single mother in a two bedroom apartment. Next door to mine our balcony's separated by wall that's too short. That allows him to talk me out of stuff. Like sharing my internet access. Which is crime in this state, despite being too poor and can't afford it. His mother thinks I am the only reason he is graduating. She apologizes for his inappropriate suggestions and offers to have sex.

He is young, and gay, and has a crush on me. He claims has been practicing gay stuff and is very good at it.

Despite my live in girlfriend for the last six months. He thinks he and I should fall in love. I am twenty-one and starting my third year of college. I am thinking about forever and what come next, after this. It was why we agreed after six months of dating she should move in.

I will be the first to admit it's not what I pictured. It was much more fun chasing. What happen to those people.

Eggs have fallen from the shy on three occasions. A pure coincidence when she is entering the building I assume. Her laundry turned pink by a misplaced red sock. Not sure where that came from. She moved out last Friday wishing us both much happiness. I was way too mean for a week and told him to stop loving me. I was into college girls, not little high school gay boys.

Saturday a visit to see my parents I talk about moving to a different unit. Mom sticks up for the gay boy who she tells me to start calling Mark. He is human. Explaining not appropriate is a moral value. Love is a feeling gay or straight and life and death at eighteen. It gets worse. Dad said. Knowing me and how I am me gay with a younger guy has a better chance at working. Now they both want to meet him and I should give love a chance. It was a plot and they were all in on it.

The first ten miles was me racking my brain of some childhood clue why my parent see me as gay. After of years of stupid attempts at females, it is now love the gay guy you got. It could be an age thing. I need to hook up now or never was a possibility. Marc was cute, and manipulative, charming, innocence and slightly evil with the eggs. I for the life of me had no desire to think about us sexually. He was a guy I was not interested in any of it. I am not a daddy type at all. There is a four years and forty four days between our birthdays. My dad is six years six months older than my mother had been pointed out earlier.

I pull in the complex and find a fire truck, and rescue unit. The first thought my boyfriend did something stupid due to they way I have treated him. I panic throw my car in park and run to the apartment. All our neighbors were out front, I see Mark on the steps and scream out his name. He see's me runs and jumps into my arms. Wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. We just start kissing each other. The farther his tongue goes done my throat the harder I squeeze his butt cheeks. Things are happening that should happen in public. While his mother was being brought out on a gurney. So much for that after glow moment. A pot of boiling hot water down her front. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns, but not life threating. She will be fine in a week or so.

He spent the night with me and taught me gay stuff. Which to my surprise pick up on really quickly I really loved doing. The next morning he handed me everything he owed one at a time over that short wall. It took us about forty minutes to move him in. We took selfies of us in various versions of kisses, hugs and send them to my parents. We were in bed and he teasing me that he was right along we were meant to be together. I said fine fine I get it your evil plan to break me and my girlfriend worked and you made me gay.

He corrects me. Something I would grow to love about him. The evil plan was pretending with my girlfriend. This, what we have is love winning and magic.

The Evil Plan - Story Time Blog


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