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The Clark Brothers - Story Time Blog

The four Clark Brothers sitting in the back of their truck

The Clark Brothers have ran out of gas and are three miles to the nearest phone. That is providing the Millers are home when they get there walking. They have been sitting here since 8 AM. Charlie had a dentist appointment at nine and it takes all three of the other brothers to hold him down.  

They were hoping that someone would come by. It is past 2 pm and Charlie hasn't ate since breakfast. The brothers were going to do rock paper scissors to see who Charlie should eat first. Bill lost but he said he can out run Charlie.

They were looking for food in the glove box, found a unmailed letter. It was to the Trump campaign and Charlie's last twenty dollars that he got for his birthday.

They wanted to get gas and something to eat. Charlie was insisting we mail it. That would be stupid he is going to lose anyway. So, they just gave it to Billy because he can run faster.

I pull up, lock the doors, and ask Billy how I can help through my sunroof. He tells me the above story. I took the pic and called for roadside assistance and drove away for twenty dollars.

The Clark Brothers - Story Time Blog


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