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The Chain of Events

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Some chick at a bar tells my big brother she likes the way he moves his butt on the dance floor and I get stuck videotaping this so he can see for himself.

I show it to our dad, and now every chance he gets my dad grabs my brothers butt and says Nice Butt Son.

My brother now blames me for turning our dad gay and if dad doesn't stop grabbing his butt he might become gay too.

I asked my mother of that was even possible:

Mom suggested that I come out as gay and offer to have sex with them. If they say yes I turned them gay. If they say no then they are not.

A week later mom asked if I came out and if it worked.

I explained 5 out of 6 guys at school I have told I was gay said yes to sex. The person that said no was a teacher and will be calling you. I told him this was your idea.


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