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Young man at night getting undressed

Jack and his girlfriend have broke up again.

She already has another boyfriend.

But Jack swears this is temporary.

He just needs this one favor until then.

I do gay stuff with other guys.

Why not him he suggests.

Against my better judgement I give in.

He freaks, I am the best.

The next day he says one more time.

Then a discussion of other stuff to try.

And the possibilities of.

If Jack could be gay.

It was the weekend with a twelve pack.

After breakfast we both got naked.

We clean the house up like crazy.

Start drinking beer at noon.

Blasting music, naked and frisky

We play grab ass, Jacks form of flirting.

I sweep the kitchen and bath.

He vacuums and then we meet on the couch.

For them first time ever, we start to make out.

Jack makes love to this guy for hours.

And finally comes out of the closet.

He told his parents.

It was supposed to be temporary.

But then, I fell in love with him.

Temporary - Story Time Blog


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