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AI ART photo of Kevin Sunset Cliffs. 1of2dads

I was a new recruit right out of bootcamp. Attending Radioman's School at the US Navy Training Center. I was gay and twenty four and running away from my family back in Illinois. I manage to squeak through basic training but I was having issues because of it. My PTSD was making me physically sick. I was place on medical leave I could not hold down any food. I was randomly at any moment I would get sick to my stomach and involuntarily vomit.

I got my mom get get me a cottage. On Bacon Street, Ocean Beach, CA. it was a one bedroom Bath full kitchen and just two blocks from the beach. Over a mountain, and a half and less than two miles from the gate I go into.

While the sunset are watched by thousands daily. It was what happened afterwards that got my attention. As darkness falls on the cliffs people hook up and start making out as well as other stuff. As you follow the cliff line there are hinging spots that make it less obvious. Over eighty percent of was guys loving guys. I so wanted to be one of them. There was Dave's bathhouse and The Narragansett and house conversated into a gay friendly hostel.

I was on my way to watch the sunset when I ran into Kevin. I was wearing a sleeveless t- shirt that was rainbow tie dyed with Pride on it. Kevin smiles and asks are you advertising that?

I checked my zipper, which cracked him up even more. I was starting to take it personally when he tugs on my nipple where the pride logo is.

I was referring to advertising that you are gay.

I asked if he was advertising he was a bodybuilder.

Then he cracked up more saying. Yes he was. Tells me his name is Kevin, and asks will you tell me yours?

I say Joseph but everyone calls me Joey. I thinks it is because I am short at 5' 10' people think I am a kid.

I am six three everyone is short from up here. You are what? About 23 I guess.

Damn . You are are close I am twenty four actually.

I hit thirty in January you are kind of still a kid. Are you walking to the cliffs?

Yeah, everyday, and date with a joint. I get high a watch the sunset for almost six months.


Sure . I don't know anyone really. They all know me as that gay guy that doesn't hide it.

We get past the pier to where the cliffs start and I light up. I offer it to Kevin.

I am Navy Joey I can be around that stuff. You go first and that should put you down wind.

I assumed he did not think I was Navy. Gay and getting high should disqualify me. It was my way of dealing with the PTSD. I did not say a word about my status. Then I start wondering why he is really coming out here. So I ask.

Are you coming out here here to watch the sunset, hook up or both.

Keven jokes he wasn't aware the was a menu of things to do. We get to where there is now a line of fifteen or more girls and boys taking the path the cliffs. As a few people fall in line behind us. People find places to perch themselves for optimal viewing. The tide is coming in and always get more active at sunset. We get sprayed several times. Finally Kevin grabs the back of my neck and pulls my back side against his front side as people file past us. Just the fact he was touching me I was getting was too turned on by it. I was thinking there has be be some mistake.

Kevin spins me around makes eye contact and asks. Are you here to hook up, watch the sunset or both?

I suggest we watch the sunset and then go back to my place where I live alone and hooking up would be much more comfortable then here on the cliffs. He kiss me for the first time right then. I melted inside I just haven't been with that many guys. He was six years older and a hot bodybuilder. The opposite of my normal. He turns me around just to press himself against me. That stupid sun was taking way too long to set tonight.

For the next three months we were lovers. He would report to base and I would call and ask to be excused form muster due to a doctors appointment. Kevin was a lieutenant and had a private room on base. He spent the night with me every night. The was before gay marriage and he was an Officer before don't ask don't tell. Getting caught gay would kill his career of twelve years. His plans were to go for eight more.

Turns out Kevin job was to fine waste. At the end of three months he turned in a report that could save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Turns out my name came up in the report. The cost of my medical issues were to expensive and were not solving the problem. The proper course of action would be to discharge me and get me to the VA to play with. He was rather upset I did not tell him.

After a goodbye dinner and night of love making he was leaving for Washington D.C. tomorrow. My heart was broken, I was made to move back onto base pending a medical discharge, Triggering my PTSD to make me a little crazy. Not a good idea while on a U.S. Military base. People have weapons. I was a emotional rollercoaster, of sadness then anger, then way to happy and hyper.

During this PTSD rampage I revealed I was gay and I was discharged thirty days later. With nine hundred dollars and a plane ticket home. I was escorted out the gate. I stood there frozen. My mother was religious with rules. I turn to my left and start walking up the hill. There is a gay bar called The Hole just down form the main gate as a civilian it was no longer off limits. I cut between two parked cars to J.walk across the street. A voice yells that is illegal you should go to the cross walk. I turn to see Kevin sitting in the driver's side of a very red Jeep. He smiles. Says I been waiting for you.

Sunset Cliffs - Story Time Blog


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