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Studying for Years - Story Time Blog

AIART Studying for years

He listened for about 45 minutes.

I was going off about a grade and the teacher.

He might have inserted a question or two.

I finally had beat the subject to death.

He said bro, you are way too stressed.

Let's get naked and I will massage your back.

As he stands and takes off his shirt.

He removes his jeans.

Exposes a no underwear issue.

I was still just laying there.

He pulls off my t shirt.

Dude you are too cute.

You do gay stuff... right.

Have you ever had a boyfriend

Oh yeah you are really tight.

How does that feel.

I replied. More please.

Adding I love you for this.

Then he started kissing my neck

I went all the way to marriage in my head.

It got personal fast

I said it is my first time doing this.

He said cool. It is my first time too.

But I have been studying doing this for years.

Just waiting for the right person to do it with.

Studying for Years - Story Time Blog


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