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Straight Boy Rules - Story Time Blog

Two gay men in a bedroom

On campus housing had four rooms.

With a shared toilet and shower.

A row of ten of those on both sides of a hallway.

Eighty young men in their first year at college.

Just getting to know each other, and what they are into.

What is acceptable, by standard straight boy rules.

Ten guys naked in a room, doing what guys do.

All watching straight boy content.

What is happening around them is not important.

It just might be better with others, but ignore that part.

Focus on the television, don’t get it on anyone.

Jerry’s a sprayer, he is always sits in the front row.

Some boys don’t go there, it seems a little too gay.

Sam and Henry with rooms next to each other get personal.

Talk about high school, and girls, and what they have done to them.

Sam experience limited, Christian parents with rules.

The first time he got drunk, he made out with a guy.

He has not had a drink since, and the whole thing freaks him out.

Henry notices an opportunity, to get Sam to do gay stuff to him.

Which should be perfectly acceptable.

According to Standard Straight Boy rules.

I will let you be gay; you can practice on me.

Rule # 1 no one finds out.

Rule # 2 this is me doing you a favor.

This could work out great for both of us.

Could help you make up your mind.

You will end up liking it, I know I will.

Hey, I will even let you kiss me, I just can’t, kiss you back.

Sam agrees and plays this game of master and slave.

Gay boy instructions 101 as seen through straight boy eyes.

He seems to excel at it to the pleasure of Henry.

It started to be an everyday thing, then all day last Sunday.

No restrictions, Henry is now kissing.

The two boys make love.

Monday morning Henry attempts to go back to normal.

Sam says no way gay boy, I got your number.

Now we play by Gay Boy rules or forget this ever happened.

Two days later a conversation with both parents.

I am a homosexual, I need to get an apartment.

You can't be gay in on campus housing.

I found someone to share it with that will save us money.

I hope that not a problem, because I truly love him.

Straight Boy Rules - Story Time Blog


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