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AI ART faggot

Jeff Jack

Did you hear Ross got sent home for calling Henry Miller a Faggot in the lunchroom.

I didn't know who it was that said it, and I thought a fag was a cigarette. Do you remember grandpa calling his cigarettes fags. Because people suck on cigarettes. A faggot is a gay dude that sucks on you know what.

Mr. Walker in English spent a whole period on it. Faggot were sticks and twigs use for kindling all bounded together with string or twine. In the 1600's they would accuse someone of being a witch they would burn them tied to a stake. People would bring tied bundles of kindling or faggots to throw at the feet of the witch.

Back then the only thing worse that a witch was a gay guy. They would just tie them up and throw them in with the kindling. That is where gays got the label flaming faggot.

On RuPaul's Drag Race flaming means HOT it is a good thing. That's Martha Stewart too.

Since when do you watch RuPaul's Drag Race?

Saturdays nights when you are out with your friends. Mom Dad and I watch it together. They think it's hilarious.

Bro, they think you are gay and they are trying to get you admit it. So, tell your big brother the truth. Are You?

I have no idea, I would like to sample the options I have before making a actual decision. I have not tried anything as of yet. I am not gay, not straight, I am just willing.

You scare me little brother. Willing to do what with whom? Do not pretend to be asleep. You cannot put that idea all night and expect me to get sleep.

Jeff. I can hook you up with Tony he does gay stuff.

Text him. Text him right now. Tell I might be gay and see if he is interested.


Yes. He is hot.

Come over we send him a pic of both of us.

This is my brother Jeff I told him you like guys and he wants to meet you. Text me back.

Why did you include dad on the text?

We had a side bet for fifty bucks I could get you to come out first.

Cute - He's a junior right? I have been told to stay away from sophomores and younger.

Text me his number or give him mine. After school tomorrow?

Yes I admit it I am gay for him. I love you big brother. Text me his number I am getting my cell phone.

Faggot - Story Time Blog


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