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AI ART Amoment of truth

Spring break John's parents have a three bedroom condo in Vail, Colorado. John and four friends from college get to use it by promising not to trash it.

Day three after dinner and spending the last two night at local bars. The five friends consume John's parents booze over a friendly game of truth or dare.

After several rounds John dare's Antonio to kiss him for sixty seconds in front of the actual closet doors. Antonio points out he always gets picked for doing gay stuff. It's starting to give him a complex.

To the hoots and hollers of their three friends with a timer set the two young men start to make out. Jerry was filming it for posterity or blackmail.

The buzzer goes off among other things. John and Antonio just keep on going. They were at the two minute mark when Tony yelled. You're just gay for each other. Which finally got a response. John and Antonio stop making out.

They turn to their friends to say this. 

We have been boyfriends for over a month. This is us coming out as lovers.

Not the weekend anyone was expecting...

A Moment of Truth - Story Time Blog


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