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A Walk in the Park - Story Time Blog

AI ART A walk in the park

It was date for a game of basketball.

A short walk through the park to get to the court.

For friends that just met about three weeks ago.

Ben from Northern Nevada West Reno meets.

Neil from Northern Nevada East Elko.

At Southern Nevada Las Vegas UNLV campus.

Random conversations raise interest.

Of things they have in common.

No time or money for more video games.

Or dating girls, chasing after them and drama.

The both love to read have been called nerds.

Both are tall and play basketball.

Very well they both say.

Keeping it simple and real.

This was a up close and personal.

Game of one on one basketball.

Due to the number of personal fouls.

The game had to be called.

The young men ran home through the park.

Just to come out of a closet.

While they were taking a shower.

A Walk in the Park - Story Time Blog


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