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AI ART In the plumbing

Sam the gay young man that lives in apartment 2B has been secretly providing favors to Reggie and his Dad Ronald who live in 4B without the two of them know it. In addition to two other guys in two other apartments. It is a laundry room conversation and Sam is very persuasive gay dude. Everyone knows doing laundry sucks.  A lazy straight man issue for guys that can't get a girl. The gay guy was easier, not complicated, and so much better.

So when Sam finally lands himself a boyfriend all favors have to stop. He tells each them the city is full of gay guys that are find with a one sided relationship. He introduces the to a social app and helps them with a profile. Even giving them a pic of someone that looks kind of like them. It had been a week and the guys were about give up when Reggis found a possibility. They plan to meet on Saturday downtown on the mall. 

Now if you guessed Reggie picked his dad you were right. As of Saturday morning nether had said a word about having to be somewhere. Finally Reggie come flying out of his bedroom and takes off in his car. Ronald leaves about ten minutes later neither dad or son knows the other did gay stuff with Sam.

The app lets the two text back and forth. They were ten feet from each other and looked up from their phones and freaked. They looked at each other and in unison said Sam. They sat down and discussed the secret they both let Sam do gay stuff to them.  The two of them decide to confront Sam for talking them into doing this.

Sam's freaks they are at the door, and together. He does not want his new boyfriend to find out. Ted shows up and introduces himself. He invites them both in for a drink. Ted said. I had no idea there were other gay couples in the building. 

Sam was telling Ronald and Reggie to play along. Turns out Ted took a fancy to Ronald and talk to Sam about their open relationship. Sam and Reggie disappeared upstairs to Reggie apartment with Sam's new boyfriend Ted entertained Ronald. the dad.

This just became the new arrangement every weekend for about two months. Little by little they did other gay stuff. Then Sam and his boyfriend realized both dad and son were gay tops for two very gay bottoms. Reggie moved in with Sam and Ted with Ronald. They were living like out of the closet gay guys as boyfriends.

Then Reggie's Mother stop by to see him and Ted answered the door.

Mother - Who are you ?

Ted - I am Ronald's boyfriend. Who are you?

Mother - Oh my God my X husband is gay now? Where is my son?

Ted - He is down stairs in 2B with his boyfriend.

Mother - Oh my God is the building? Something in the plumbing?

Mother - I saw them both two months ago they were both straight.

Mother - You said 2B on the second floor?

Mother - OMG Should I be wearing a mask?

In the Plumbing - Story Time Blog


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