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Some Things Change - Story Time Blog

AI ARTWORK hot guy man cutting grass

Did you hear?

He left his wife for a college boy.

That hot man, pecs and hairy chest, lives on the corner.

They are in their early thirties.

Got that house right out of college, six years now.

She was pretty, crazy, cause she can't have babies.

She went home to her parents, she filed for divorce.

He told his neighbor he would rather be gay.

Then go through that again.

It got bad I guess.

But he could not be happier since he switched.

They both run half naked everyday, everyday after dinner.

They make it a competition.

The whole neighborhood watches.

There goes those two hot gay guys.

They are both just so nice.

They make a great couple.

You can tell they love each other.

You know what they say.

Some things change.

Remember when we hated them.

Some Things Change - Story Time Blog


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