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Some Girly Boys.- Story Time Blog

AI ART Sal at family dinner

Sal was having issues explaining to her friends and relatives why the girls they hooked him up with never worked out. Over Sunday dinner with his three brothers and their wives present the subject comes up.

Sal says... Ma makes them stop or I can't keep coming to your family dinners.

She hit him with a dish cloth. You live upstairs in your bedroom you have no choice but to come to my dinners. It is why you pay for room and board.

Sal is helping clean up the kitchen while his mother starts to rinse and load the dishwasher. He came into the kitchen telling her that this was the last of it. She quickly dries her hands and has Sal sit down at the counter.

Ma - I know you got someone. What I don't know is why you are so ashamed of your family you can't introduce them to us.

Sal - Ma that's not it at all.

Ma - Is she older than you? Is she large like my sister?

Sal - Ma, stop please.

Ma - Is she a boy? Because that would make since.

Sal - Why would you say a boy would make since?

Ma - Well because you know how much I want grandchildren. But that is not a problem, I can find you a surrogate. It's fine if you are gay.

Sal gets quite as the tears start to build in his eyes. He pulled out his cell phone and showed a picture to his mother.

Ma - Sal she is gorgeous Oh my. We should go out to dinner. Is that necklace real?

Sal - Ma, it is Kenny from High School he is a drag queen. I thought he was a girl too at first. We went out every night for a week. He took me back to his place. We made out on the couch. We are going to the bedroom, and she goes in the bathroom comes out as Kenny and asks… Still to love me, Sal?

Sal said the fact was I did love her and him and I got my good friend back.

Sal’s mother was crying she said... That is a wonderful love story I would be happy to tell my friends. So, what is her name?

Penny. I get penny for your thought a lot from her. Kenny if he looks like a boy.

Ma - OMG I think I now understand pronouns and why we need them. But tell your mother which do you like better Penny or Kenny?

Sal - Here the thing Ma. l love having both that what makes it hot.

Ma - Well It is time they both met the family. Sunday dinner next week. No excuses.

Some Girly Boys.- Story Time Blog


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