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AI Artwork Signs of life.

My mother asked for a divorce yesterday, at breakfast. At dinner she told my sister Sara who is sixteen and I, Sam at 18, who just graduated high school three weeks ago. She will be moving into her sister's house tomorrow. She made our dad sleep on the cough and spent the night packing stuff in their bedroom.

My sister and I were extremely upset over the news. Dad thinks Aunt Helen, who never got married, has talked her into doing this. Dad said. He cannot force someone to love him, and he would find someone else who did. He admitted they were not happy together. He thinks they just fell out of love.

Mom hired Three Men with a Truck to help move her stuff. It was a father with two college age sons. She was not taking that much stuff. She was being a total bitch about everything. She left dad without a bed, dresser, or nightstands. She took some kitchen junk.

Finally, mom and the movers left. I found dad staring at himself in the mirror and asked if he was all right. He said was looking for signs he was still alive. Excited and afraid of what comes next. Not sure what my dad was thinking but he got a new bed from Sleep Number for like ten grand. To be delivered on Monday.

On Sunday we woke up without a mom but to the smell of breakfast. Dad woke up with sunlight hitting the couch. Makes himself coffee and started a junk pile of things he did not want anymore. He even cleaned out the refrigerator to see what we had for food, and what we needed. The biscuits were going to expire, and he knew how to make sausage gravy from an app on his phone. He talked my sister and I into changing the living room around. Dad took down a bunch of old paintings from the seventy’s hotel room collection. We threw it all in the tuff shed to see if mom wanted it.

Dad was a self-employed accountant. He canceled his appointments for Monday to wait for the bed. He got a text it they would be hear at 10 AM. Weird when Three Men with a Truck show up with my dad’s new bed. The two twenty-year-old and I carry it inside. They start putting it together. I start asking questions.

They are Bobby at the age of twenty and Bradley at twenty-two. They claim to be too stupid for college. Their dad was a truck driver, and when their mother took off their dad used his semi and trailer and started the business to give them all jobs. They now have four distinct size trucks. Bobby then states Bradley is gay and has the hots for me. I should be careful. We make eye contact, he smiles, and I feel it in my underwear. OMG what was up with that? I went to find my dad.

I find both of our dads in the backyard drinking coffee, walking around, and talking. Dad is showing him stuff and joking around. While their dad is doing most of the talking. Dad opens the tuff shed where we put all of mom’s stuff we do not want anymore. He pulls my dad inside and closes the door. I ran back up to the master bedroom to ask another question.

Any chance your dad is gay too? They both answer Yes and ask Why? in unison. I will explain they are in the tuff shed with the door closed. The three of us zoom in on the window overlooking the backyard. Then Bradley suggests if I show him my bedroom, he will show me what they are doing in there. I said OKAY if it were good enough for dad I could give it a go.

For the next hour, my sister and Bobby joked about what was happening. Bobby said give us about an hour for all of us to show back up. They got lunch for all of us and had it delivered and set up on the kitchen table. Bradley and I finished quickly, and he is kissing me telling me about other stuff we could be doing.

I resist this gay stuff has me freaking out. He just starts over, and we do the same thing a second time. It was just too hot; how can anyone not be like this? It is just not fair. We were laying there making out when we hear the door to the shed slam close. Our dads come out sweaty and just wearing shorts heading for the house.

We headed down the back steps just to all show up in the kitchen. Expected to sit down and have lunch together. The dads look at us, we look back. They look at each other, shake their heads and kiss right there and in front of all of us. Dad looks at me and says go for it and winks.

Six months later my dad and I are out of the closet gay guys with boyfriends. I start college and work weekends for a moving company. Bobby is taking my little sister to every high school function possible.

I tell dad I never thought about gay stuff. Then the first time I do think about it. It was OMG a possibility. No wonder I was sane over girls. Dad says I am still not gay I just fell in love with the first person I had sex with. While he claims to be 100 percent homosexual saying my mother and his relationship was to make babies. They did extremely well then fell out of love with their task completed. Meaning they were both desperate to be parents and have children, it worked for about five years and was not a good reason for marriage.

Dad said He felt dead for the longest time. That day in the bathroom he was truly looking for signs of life. That morning in the shed he found a sign he was still alive. He was determined to go for it and check out the possibilities. My dad and James got married the following summer. Dad got a card from my mom he shared with me. She simply said I hope you both are very happy. Once again, I was right. I told you this would work out for the best.

Dad said that was mom taking credit for picking the moving company which is how we all met James and his sons Bradley and Bobby.

James had recommended a Sleep Number replacement knowing that they had a contract to deliver it and hoping that would give him a chance at hitting on my dad. Dad finds it strange the timing of everything. We agreed the whole family has never been as happy as we all are right now. Dad tells me Bobby and my little sister are having a baby. Do not tell anyone to wait for the announcement. As dad and son gay guys we get teary eyed and bump fists and in unison say, "Signs of life". Then the best hug ever.

Signs of Life - Story Time Blog


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