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I was fourteen we I first told my parents I was pretty sure I was gay. They didn't like the label, they said it would make it harder to change my mine later. My dad said he thought he was gay for about a week and then realized he wasn't. Grandma said it was more like a month and grandpa scared the gay right out of him.

The rush to tell people was because I wanted to touch them and kiss them. Due to personal space issue I need to let people know I am gay. On August 10th ten days before school started dad in front of my mother suggested.

Instead of saying you are gay why not just say you will do make out with a girls or a boys just for practice while you make up your mind. That means you have twice the chance to practice. They would regret that years later.

I am that sweet spot in my life. I don't really date. I have tons of friends I party, do things with socially. I work as a delivery driver. I don't have to tell my sexual preference. I just let people I think are hot see me check them out. Ninety percent of the time they will let me know what they are interested in and 99 percent of the time I say okay.

Screw Labels Have Fun - Story Time Blog


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