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My mother tells me Sunday

Is a day for church.

Sinners go to the gym.

My response was.

Cool there will be no one there judging me.

I get there by nine am, and the place is packed.

With fellow sinners I assume.

I am informed by the clerk at the desk.

My Uncle is there somewhere.

I go throw my stuff in a locker.

Just to find my uncle.

Fooling around in the shower.

Rather intensely with a guy with a beard.

While he is divorced and single.

Gay was never a possibility.

Weird I found it kind of hard.

To look away from the public display.

He is my dads little brother.

Also a father of my three cousins.

Enjoying himself doing gay stuff.

With the play date now over.

It turns into a friendly shower.

The two men washing each other.

Uncle no longer distracted.

We finally make eye contact.

He yells. Did you just see that?

Get you ass over here nephew.

And loose the shorts boy.

His friend takes off.

Alone in the privacy of a public shower.

I got the top five reasons.

To keep my uncles secret.

I was convinced it was for the best.

And I earned my first sinner badge.

With a promise to do more.

Any time we want at his place.

I suggest tomorrow after he gets off work.

For relatives and sinners.

Keeping doing gay stuff a secret.

It was the summer before college.

There were lessons to be learned.

Made my coming out relativity wonderful.

I would want to have done it without him.


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