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I live in Las Vegas.

Married and together 27 years.

Adopted three challenged young men.

All three hetrosexual which is better than my parent's average.

The middle one with anyone for a short time.

All still live at home.

We are a party of five guys.

We live on the west side.

Gay bars are ten miles, centered around the college.

I refuse to drive that far for alcohol.

So, we go to straight bars and run into gay people.

Straight people that sometimes do gay things.

Some that ask way to many questions.

Several that I would be willing to paid to be gay.

They call that trafficking now.

I thought it was persuasion, but I was mistaken.

I need a place to be gay.

Within walking distance preferably.

And also impossible.

Some place I don't have to explain anything.

Because everyone else is the same gay way.

A place I can say my favorite things.

Things I don't say on here even.

Like suck the life right out of me please.

Raise your hand if you're gay.

Then tell me when to meet you at.

Where is my place on the internet.

Stop by, let's chat, day dream together.

Solve each others problems, possibly save the planet.

Make personal connections.

Then tell people you met someone.

Let do this together, let's have some fun.

Raise Your Hand if You're Gay - Story Time Blog


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