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The two young men jump out of bed

As the garage door opened

John looks out the window and said

Give it up Bro, we are busted this time.

Greg asked Tell everyone we're queer?

John says Or we could tell them we love each other.

Greg's dad open the door to his bedroom.

Putting some light on the situation.

Asking Can you boy's please.

Help us bring the groceries in.

Turning away and adding

I told you we came home too early mother.

Mother apologizes I am sorry boys.

But my ice cream was melting.

Why don't you come out of the closet.

Then you could have sleepovers every night.

Greg now with shorts on enters the kitchen

Asks How long have you known?

Dad replies Sophomore year right mother?

November 17th Greg punched a kid

Who was picking on John.

I was telling my mom Happy Birthday

On the phone. when the School Principal called.

He asked if anything was going on

They act like they are in love.

John come in with arms full of groceries.

So, Why didn't you say something?

Dad asks holding back his laugh.

So why didn't you say something?

Dad cracks himself up now laughing out loud.

Sounding desperate mom asked.

Did you really think we would hate you?

Dad puts an arm around each of their necks.

Fine boys have it your way.

We finally said something to save mom's ice cream.

The upside you have one place you can be yourselves.

Twenty four seven free to love each other.

Mom makes it a group hug.

She goes Now boys if you want.

We can go get in the car.

Pretend we didn't come home early.

And just keep pretending the way it was.

John and Greg start kissing.

Made the whole group hug a little awkward.

John moved in the next day.

It starts with one safe place to be yourself.

Awesome parents the boys have no idea now.

Why they were so afraid of coming out.


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