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Pledge Week - Story Time Blog

young man removing his swimming trunks

It's pledge week and I get 6'2" 19 year old name Justin to torture and abuse for the next seven days. House rule all pledges had to wear a speedo and a t shirt to class today. I am outside hanging in this makeshift patio for smokers to use. Guys sunbathe naked, get high. It's totally surrounded by bushes. Justin returns from class and returns the speedo outside. I get all nervous. To begin with I had never seen him in speedos, let alone naked. Then Justin comes out to me.

You do know I am gay right. Bro this got me about six phone numbers of hot guys to go out with. I am going to like it here.

I ask dozens of questions. Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Sort of.

Have you had sex with a gay dude?

Yes 12 guys total. Several times each.

How long have you been out?

2 1/2 years.

I asked about his parents dealing with gay thing.

He said they were cool.

I got personal ever had a boyfriend?

Yes 9 months

How does that work? are you the boy, girl or both?


Finally thirty minutes later he points out he is naked and going inside to put some clothes on. He would like to finish this conversation in his room.

We get up to his room which was empty. The pledge he was rooming with was with his big brother. We sit on his twin bed with several body size pillows to hug while you sleep making it a couch.

He has a cooler next to his bed with now ice water and several Dr. Peppers. He offers me one. We talk about family and siblings for over an hour. Video games we like to play. I explain for the last three years I tend to hook up with some chick for the whole year. When finals or summer comes it ends. I was hoping to avoid that this year by staying single. I pointed out he never did put any clothes on.

He ask me if I wanted him to put shorts on.

I said I thought his body was perfect. No need to hide it now.

He said he really like me a lot.

I asked if could teach me to be gay.

He said give me five minutes.

After that I gave him the rest of my life.

Pledge Week - Story Time Blog


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