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A I Artwork Plan B

He is nineteen. Mitch's dad kicks him out for having gay porn under his mattress. He has been sleeping in a vacant building downtown for three days. He is not out to any of his friends. He has not eaten, and he is starting to panic. This small redneck town don't like gay people too much. Then a red pick up across the street makes a bee line right at him.

It was Tony, a friend from high school who was home visiting from the Navy. Tony jumps out of his truck, runs over, and picks him up. Spins him around. Putting him down and says how's it hanging bro?

Mitch is happy to see him but too afraid to explain anything.

Tony asks if he is busy and if he would like to go get something to eat his treat.

Mitch replied: Cool dude let's do it. He was freaking out how to explain what happen.

A booth at Denny's, they both order breakfast. Tony asks, “are you going to tell me what happened? Mitch explains his dad and he got in a fight and his dad kicked him out, but he really does not want to talk about it. How's your family? How long are you back for?

Tony says family is fine. He is here for a month. He and his dad got buzzed at the bar last night and got in a fight. Before Mitch could ask with who? Over what? After a short pause Tony says with your dad, over your gay ass.

Mitch turned his head to look out the window, a tear fell then two. He turns as if to leave and he gets a boot placed between his legs. Before you freak out and run away. I want you to know my ass is just as gay. Mitch is freaking and the tears are falling faster.

Bro. seriously?

Tony switches sides of the table block Mitch between him and the window. Why do you think I joined the Navy right out of high school. Tony says, Dude, I really liked you in high school and was afraid you would kick my butt if said anything. Because I knew how much your dad hates fags, I assumed it ran in the family. I was so stupid.

Mitch asks Tony if he could take him to the city were they have a service for homeless people. If I could sneak into my house when my dad’s not home, I could grab some clothes.

Tony says we can go pick them up right now if you want. Your dad’s not home. I just saw him at the courthouse this morning. He got six weeks in the county, drunk and disorderly, battery charge against yours truly, and a DUI last night. I have been driving around for hours trying to find you.

Mitch makes it clear he is gay, but he has never done anything gay with anyone.

Tony says let's go to your house, we have a month to figure out what's next for us. I am looking for a boyfriend and I am hoping you are interested. The two boys kiss and realize the possibilities of the next few hours of getting to know each other as gay guys. Tony pays the check and they run to the truck. Both with a new plan on falling in love.

Plan B - Story Time Blog


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