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Picture of the gay boy next to me.

This would be the pic I got for evidence later should it be needed. For the whole hour every day this week Mike sits next to me of all people holding himself. A scratch here an adjustment there, and an occasional squeeze. Less than 18 inches away. Can we say personal space. It was making want to be gay. Which was something I had been avoiding very well for three years. Six more months I leave for college and then I can figure this out.

Now was not the time. I even think my parents know I am gay and are fine with that. As long as I just be gay somewhere else. Every two months I pretend to have a crush on a girl just to make my mom happy. They never work out of course because it's not real. Mom hates the victim card too.

Monday morning there it was just as always. The teacher was late and Jennifer comes over to show Mike her low cut top. He is a little nervous he's smiling, He starts rubbing his hands together. Like grandma does when her arthritis hurts. Cracking his knuckles. Cleaning his fingernails. She leaves as a substitute comes in and his hand assumes the position. He looks over and tries to smile.

Grant Gregory was the substitute they hired. I google his name to see if he has a Only Fans page under that name. We are talking muscles on top of muscles. All packed into the tightest polyester pants I seen on anyone. I swear he has no underwear on. He asked for a show of hands for who read the assignment. Everyone raised their hand. He calls on Mike to tell the class what he like about. He was busted and searching for something. Finally he says I don't like it at all. He hates Shakespeare, he loved Lord of the Flies.  He continues around the room asking students questions. Note during the whole interaction Mike's legs we closed and he was squeezing his junk for his life. We are told to start reading the assignment for tonight in class. Mr Grant walks over to talk to Mike.

He put both arms on Mike's desk, and leans in. Smiles at me makes eye contact with Mike. You lied about reading the assignment didn't you.

Mike swallowed hard. Yes sir. I read the one for American Government not this class.

I am going to be filling in all week you lie to me again, You get detention in this class alone and after school. Are we clear. You need to use the restroom to take care of that. Put a book in front of it. I was so past freaking out. Mike was so turned on he was excused to the restroom. Timing is everything. I think a gay mind melt happened between Mr. Gregory and me. He said. Go help your friend.

Boys restroom he was closing the door to the restroom stall. What the hell why did you come too.

I said, He told me to help.

Well get in here before someone comes in. I step inside to see his pants are undone and he has one large problem. He said Look at my face. I was busted. He asked me to take a seat. He gets close and takes his hand and slides it down and into the back of my pants no undies. No one has touch that since I was in diapers. I stand in reaction making us slightly pressed together. He explains he has to look at that every day. He shows me a pic telling me it's making him gay.

Pic of a the boy next to me.

I push him back against the stall door and shove my tongue down his throat. A handshake exchange while making out convinced us both to skip classes and go to my house. Weird I went to school today one version of me and left a totally different version.

I was like falling in love with getting to know someone on such a personal level. He just seem to be so into me, it was great. We felt safe I think, like we trusted each other. This was us coming out together as individuals and as a couple. We felt so stupid about all the games we play on ourselves to not out ourselves. Now naked in my bed we did not care who knew. Then my dad opened the door. Saw us both and said Sorry boy's and closes the door. Mom called me a half hour later. Insisting we should take a shower get dressed and introduces us to your boyfriend.

I wake up the next mooring and cannot wait to get to school to see him. Mike shows up way early at my house to say he came out to his dad last night. He dad was impressed and happy for him he gave him his graduation present early. The car he is driving is his and he is there to take me to school. We get to school early on purpose. We had information and questions for Mr. Gregory. Sadly he wasn't there at all. Several weekends later on a Google search I found Grant Gregory on the Piano Wednesday thru Sunday at the Rainbow Inn Piano Bar and Cafe.

Personal Space - Story Time Blog


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