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AI ART Park bench

Everyday in the park same time same bench

Not one hot guy will introduce himself.

It's been three weeks.

It is your favorite spot

My gay best friend is depressed.

Your word was desperate.

I create a social profile for my friend

My spot in the park

I upload every pic he has sent for the last three weeks.

based on time and date

I add some pointed questions to the general public

My favorite Spot Why...

My spot to find Mr. Right...

My Mr Right likes....

I suggested to you, Give it one more week.

Then consider a different location.

Monday you blew up my phone.

Tureday your phone was busy all day.

Wednesday a text you have a date for Friday.

Thursday I left a message and got no response.

Friday I realize I might not be that straight after all.

Saturday I texted if you are still not married

I will become your one and only homosexual boyfriend.

I got zero response so five minutes later

I am gay and would like to be your boyfriend after all.

Your text back bull shit you will have to prove it.

I responded. Get off that dirty bench and kiss me.

You jumped. Turned around and gave me a hug.

We share out first kiss on the mouth.

With tears in your eyes you whispered in my ear.

Right place, right time, it took you long enough.

I reminded him that homeless people

Sleep on those benches.

I suggest we go home

Take a shower together

Have gay sex for the first time

After being best friends for seven years

Park Bench - Story Time Blog


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