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Most reasonable people would suggest it normal to have the thought. It is acting upon the thought that makes you gay. Some would suggest you could experiment and then decide no never mind and maintain your total straight status.

So, then it comes down to a lifestyle choice. Levels of gayness. Joseph my mentor, teacher, and lover was testing boundaries of every hot man on campus. He got Josh on the right to fool around and Josh begged us to help him seduce his roommate Peter. A five hour drive to Ocean Beach and surprise three gay dudes against one.

While the details of said events would make the internet cringe. I would like to share the statistics. Over the course of my four years in college. I participated in helping seven hundred and twenty one (721) young men have their first gay experience. Out of that number seven hundred and nineteen (719) came back for seconds. Out of those Seven hundred and three are actively gay and on my contact list.

I would suggest the number I keep coming back to is we profiled a total of 855 possible gay young men. Ten of those were make my roommate gay requests and totally wishful thinking. Yes we did target guys we thought would go through with it. Only one hundred and thirty four (134) guys were a absolute no.

Joseph was philosophy, a narcissistic and a gift to all confused young men. I was psychiatry and starting a thesis and writing a book about the seven hundred plus gay guys I met in college. I had zero idea what I would end up doing with all this info.

Then the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. I did one mass email suggesting we all meet on the quad behind the student union. Over five hundred guys I has slept with met me on the quad that day. Only six people got arrested.

Next weekend we takeover a straight bar on campus.

Our Gay Agenda - Story Time Blog


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