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young shirtless man.

I wake up to take an emergency bathroom run at 6 am to find my door is all the way open and Mike staring at my nakedness. I grab for shorts, and run to the bathroom. This was a major leak, due to the consumption of way too many beers last night. OMG That could be the reason Mike is outside my door. We did "it" last night, and I am in so much trouble.

While all of us work out, all the time. Mike and I find ourselves working out together a lot. It was more about our class schedule. Because of that he tends to gravitate to me in social situations. He was still there when I got back. Looking slightly unhappy. We were drinking beers with twenty of our other fraternity brothers. We all were on our way to drunk.

We were outside on the porch talking, watching some of our brothers dancing to music blasting from a boombox. Mike was almost drunk. He starts going off about the guy that got him started bodybuilding was gay. Which set off alarm bells in my head. Maybe he was gravitating to me for other reasons.

I should introduce myself, I am Daniel, 25 a grad student, that should not be living here, but I do the books, and pay the bills, and it is almost free rent. I too am into bodybuilding. I also own the weight set down stairs. Let me be clear I love having options. I have and will do "it" with anybody, and do every chance I get. Options increase your chances.

I do have a preference, I am 99.8 percent gay but only the guys I play with know that. Never at this place until last night. Mike is twenty, HOT, and just starting his second year here. As the big brother in this "couple" I am in much so trouble. We did not just fool around. We made love, and Mike was my wife in internet terms.

I close the door and think that is inappropriate, but what if he starts yelling? I turn to face him when he says. That was so awesome last night, any chance we could do that sober, like right now? He starts to take his shorts off. He has been waiting for me to wake up to do "it" again. How sweet, How HOT is that.

As I mentioned earlier I will do it with anybody, and do every chance I get. We are all consenting adults and sober enough to consent this time. I have to say as much a I love a good beer buzz, and an occasional drunk fest. What Mike and I did that morning sober and repeating it over and over again would charge both our lives forever. We were spending so much time in my room. Our brothers started to figure it out after a month.

We had brothers hanging out in my room to watch us hug, hold hands, kiss. Then finally at a weekend party guys were pretended to be gay. Just so we would be ourselves in front of them. Actually two of them were not pretending but that is on another post.

Mike and I got our own apartment the following semester. We met each other parents and came out to the world. I want to say stuff like the he is the best wife ever. I except when I am once a year on his birthday. He has a thing for my feet that I had zero idea I liked or would be into that. As a couple experimenting with each other is the best part of this. Learning where and what button to push and happens when you push them.

I get my master's degree, we our talking about marriage and getting a house. Both parents spend Christmas with us at our place. We talk about our plans as a couple. They would like to help us. We had so many options. It was great to ask what do we really really want to do. My only option when it come to Mike is for the rest of my life. The best part was he felt the same way too.


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