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AI Art One and Only

He was gay at sixteen.

Talked about it out loud.

Too much for most people.

Especially his own family.

They were praying religiously.

He would change someday.

Claiming no one knows for sure.

If they are gay at sixteen years old.

He was my next door neighbor.

He knew my little brother.

Who said he had a crush on me.

And thought that I was very hot.

I wanted to understand.

How he knew for sure.

Why he did not question.

Saying he was gay forever.

How he saw my feelings.

Buried deep inside me.

Gay stuff at age eighteen.

With the gay kid I fell in love with.

Then everything seems clear.

I understand his feelings completely.

It's finding your one and only.

That love's you the way you want.

It's not about gay boys.

It's not about gay sex.

It's about loving someone unconditionally.

And them loving you, the same way back.

One and Only - Story Time Blog


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